Sunday, June 20, 2010

The end is in sight

Is it well sewn? No.
Does it sit flat and even? No.
Are the colours harmonious and complementary? No.
Did the cat drop a flailing, screeching wax-eye onto it just as I was finishing? Yes (but it's ok, I saved it).

BUT...I am almost done! I don't care about the many imperfections. I am going to finish it and give it to our little girl as a birthday present one year. And because it isn't perfect she can mangle it and drag it about and I won't mind. I am just thrilled to bits that I will have actually finished it and it won't sit in pieces under our bed forever mocking me. Note that the messy and uneven edges will be snipped to a nice tidy line. Straight sewing evaded me.

So today I went to the little quilting shop in Onehunga and the lovely ladies helped me buy the things I need to finish it without smirking or laughing at all, and I am even in time to join in with one of their classes for a couple of evenings so they can help me finish the backing, actual quilting, and binding. I am not-so-secretly proud of myself over the fact that I am nearly done with this!

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  1. Beautiful! Congratulations, that is quite an achievement! I would never have the patience to cut so many squares and sew so many straight(-ish) lines!

    Sorry I've been out of contact - you probably posted this ages ago. And now I think you must be on your trip?

    Anyway, we're back in Sweden now after visiting Norway and the UK. I'll email with more news.

    Hope you're having / had a great time in SF xoxo