Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have finally got back into my knitting. I'm sure that while you're off galloping around Europe this is the last thing you will be interested in, but oh well! Here are the latest little knits...

The bonnet is lovely and soft to touch. It's made of bamboo fibre which I hadn't used before, but will definitely buy again. I am making a dent in my stash at the moment though rather than buying new wool, so that's satisfying!

I have also become motivated to finish knitting the socks I started (and promptly lost interest in) at the beginning of the year. I am now powering towards the toe of the first sock! Which means I turned a heel successfully. Excellent. I am enjoying knitting something different, but the annoying thing is that I have a whole second sock to knit if I want to be able to wear them! Damn pairs. Whether or not the first one fits will determine the fate of the second sock.

Hope you are having a great time in France! Miss you xxx


  1. Argh, too cute! You're clever, mummy-to-be! Your little girl in a bonnet will be so adorable.

    I am such a dummy. In my total rush to get my brother's scarf in the mail, I forgot to take any pictures. Now I'll have to get him to send some, and he can never keep a straight or sensible face in photos, so they'll be ridiculous!

    France was fantastic, but I did very little shopping. Not much money to spare and to be honest, it was a little disappointing. I'll post some pictures to FB soon though.

    We're having a couple of quiet days in Lund with Vicki and Murray before we start making our way to Norway. It's been nice to see them of course, but let's just see the state of my nerves after another 10 days in close quarters shall we??!

    When are you guys off to the States?

    Missing you too. It's fun doing all this over here, but it's super fun having friends nearby. xoxo

  2. Eek, sending your nerves happy thoughts!

    We go to San Francisco on the 16th of July...exciting! Will post some more knitting here soon, and if I am brave will show you the latest photo of myself and the bump...