Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here is the finished blanket all wrapped up and ready to go, that border was more than 500 stitches! Tedious.

And above is the winter vest I am making for Molly. I have worked and ripped back the last 2 rows five times, dropped 4 stitches which were a complete pain to pick up again and now I'm finally back on track. All I had to do was remember to do a purl stitch after the armhole stitches rather than a knit stitch. Honestly! Where is my brain?

And for something (at last) that is non-baby knitting I thought I might give this a go...

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  1. Blanket looks beautiful. I'm so impressed by the border - what a huge effort. And is that a little appliqued heart to cover up the burn mark? Clever.

    That jacket will look very pretty on you. And Molly's looks cute.

    Sorry, such boring comments. Feeling literarily uninspired today!