Monday, May 2, 2011

Shake shake shake! duhduhDUHduhduh...

I have been a charitable and virtuous person and made something for a lady in Christchurch (title...see what I did there? Yup.) I thought you might like to see the process. So,

I had some knitting arrive in the post which was very exciting! Like a craft-themed Christmas. And the fact that these internet strangers had put such a lot of effort into their squares made me whip up another one. Learned a new stitch too, Andalusian stitch. Pretty (it's the white square in the last photo).

Then I blocked all the kindly sent squares and got ready for a marathon session of seaming. This was unexpectedly difficult because some of the squares didn't have any tails of wool so I had to match with ends from my stash or carefully position them to take advantage of the ones that did have tails.

Then there was the weird accident with the domed-glass paper weights and sunshine. Glad I was home. I doubt insurance would have believed the story if our house had burnt down because of knitting and laser-beams. It would have wrecked an overseas square too rather than one of mine which I could easily patch. Proof...

Here it is in its unblocked, unsewn state,

And I will post the finished object photos soon!


  1. Wow, that's awesome. Your white square looks lovely!

  2. PS: Finally bought a digital card reader in the weekend, so can upload photos again.

    I have to keep a 'Design Scrapbook' over the next couple of months for an assignment on book design. It can be a blog or a book. Thinking to go with the blog option because I'm cheap and don't want the print costs...